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For those who are getting divorced and have children, or have a child with another parent, child support is a very important issue that needs to be properly calculated and planned out. Many find planning child support to be a confusing and daunting task. This is why the Hughes Law Group can be of assistance.

Our Florida child support lawyer, Allyson Hughes, can help by:

  • Assisting parents in figuring out what an appropriate amount of child support is based on the child’s needs and the parents’ incomes
  • Making this process go as smoothly and cost efficient as possible by leveraging our experience and knowledge of child support in Florida
  • Preparing you for what information will be gathered and will be investigated when creating a child support agreement

As in many other states, child support in Florida is determined by guidelines that are set by Florida statutes. These guidelines use a formula to calculate the amount of support after proper income numbers have been determined. Hughes Law Group can assist you in assessing the factors below and much more.

When calculating child support, numerous items need to be considered, including but not limited to:

  • The parents’ income
  • Visitation and timesharing
  • Health insurance coverage for the parents and the child
  • Child care expenses
  • Child’s special needs, such as costs associated with a disability
  • Child’s extraordinary medical, psychological, educational, or dental expenses
  • Independent income of the child
  • Seasonal variation of a parent’s income
  • Age of the child
  • Impact of the IRS Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, Earned Income Credit, dependency exemption
  • Payment of joint debt

Child Support Lawyer Florida

Depending on the circumstances, not all divorced couples with children require child support. For example, if parents have in place rotating custody or equal time sharing then, depending on the incomes of the parties, there may not be a need for one parent to pay another if the incomes are the same. Issues like this can all be clarified when contacting our child support lawyer, at Hughes Law Group.

Child support is established based upon a formula, which takes into account the net income of both parents, and certain specified expenses including but not limited to the health insurance premiums being paid for both the parents and the children, and the daycare costs, if any, for the child or children. In addition, the formula also takes into consideration the number of over-nights the child or children spend with each parent. If the parent with less time has at least 73 overnights each year, then the amount of time-sharing will be included in the calculation of child support and will force an adjustment to the child support obligation. This reduction in child support is based upon the consideration that both parents will need to provide food, clothing and shelter for the child or children while they are in that parent’s care.

Something a lot of parents don’t realize is that child support is a right of the child and the parent receiving the child support is considered to be acting in the capacity of a trustee. Therefore, parents cannot waive child support on behalf of their child.

To learn more about the child support process contact Hughes Law Group child support lawyer in Tampa and New Port Richey in Florida.

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