Family Lawyers


At the law office of Hughes Law Group, our family law firm specializes in providing marital and family law services throughout the state of Florida, with emphasis in the Tampa Bay area. We will aggressively advocate for your interest and protect your confidences through the whole legal process. Our approach is professional, highly assertive, and yet sensitive to you. Our family law lawyer and staff are committed to providing you with superior and compassionate service.

The benefits of working with Hughes Law Group include:

Your lawyer is experienced and knowledgeable at both negotiation and during trial.

Your lawyer exclusively practices law in Florida and is up to date with all Florida family law.

Your family’s interest is always at top of mind, and we will work to ensure a speedy and cost efficient solution.

Our family law firm only practices in the area of family law and has handled hundreds of cases.

Our Mission

Our mission is to safeguard meaningful family relationships, promote amicable settlements of disputes that arise between parties of a marriage and mitigate the potential harm to spouses and children caused by the divorce process.

Choosing a family lawyer

Whether you are a working man or woman, business professional, business owner, professional practice owner, financially independent, or their spouse, you need a family lawyer that is ready to provide the assistance you need to make the best of a less than ideal situation. When choosing a family lawyer, be sure whomever you choose is able to assist you from inception through trial and post-judgment appeals or actions. Your family lawyer’s fundamental concern should be keeping your family’s best interest at the top of their mind.

A Passion for Excellence