Modification of Alimony

Modification of Alimony Lawyer

Alimony is a component of divorces when one spouse demonstrates a need for financial support and the other has the ability to pay. If alimony is awarded to a party, the court will issue a Final Judgment or an Order.

As a former spouse, you may have a right to modify alimony if there is a substantial change in your life or the party receiving alimony payments. The substantial change in circumstances must be unanticipated, significant, material, permanent, and involuntary.

However, not all forms of alimony are modifiable. Whether your alimony is modifiable may depend on your particular agreement or the type of alimony awarded.

Examples of circumstances that MAY support an ALIMONY Modification

  • Loss of job
  • Change in income
  • Health issues
  • Retirement of Payor
  • Person receiving alimony gets remarried or enters into a supportive relationship
  • Receipt of retirement benefits by payee

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